Castlegate Drawing School —


Castlegate Drawing School is a tribute to drawing. Drawing is everywhere, including art galleries. Beyond so-called artistic drawing, there are many other forms; prosaic, everyday, disposable pictures, made by people who do not call themselves artists. CDS will encourage you to look at drawing in familiar as well as less usual spaces like: art galleries, museums, art schools but also hospitals, police stations, toilets, building sites, courthouses, football clubs, schools, pubs, supermarkets, roads, homes, and coffee shops. The drawings may vary from artworks to doodles, to naval sketches, topiaries, plumbing solutions, cappuccino toppings, tactical football instructions, and boy racers’ road doughnuts.

Following our invitation, Buchanan proposed to build a mind-map of available drawings’ sources, taking as starting point his own life and immediate environment. The activity he proposes is speculative, collecting professional by-product from his studio, drawings given to him from his children, mass produced drawings in books and magazines, drawings saved from peoples’ clear outs, scribbles saved from oblivion and anything else he can lay his hands on. 

Peacock Visual Arts, Press Release.

Castlegate Drawing School, Socially Engaged Artwork. Commissioned by Nuno Sacramento Peacock Visual Arts. Inspired by David Harding, facilitated by David McCracken and in collaboration with Peter McCaughey.