From Scotland to Corby and Back —


The strong association between the two places began in the 1930s when there was a large influx of men and their families from Scotland to the south of England to work in the steelworks. As a result Corby was nicknamed “Little Scotland” and there remains a large population of Scottish descent, preserving many of the customs that were brought with them. ‘From Scotland to Corby’ will explore how these traditions connect with specific areas of contemporary Scottish cultural and artistic practice. During Roddy’s residency he aims to make contact with local men and women who continue to support Scottish football from a distance with the aim of developing an artwork that can hold the memory of an important community in Northamptonshire’s history.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, website

From Scotland to Corby and Back, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Produced by James Steventon. Summer residency working with Scottish football supporters from this former steel town of Corby in the south of England.

Recorded conversations between Stevie Noble, Rangers supporter with Roddy Buchanan and Charlie O’Hare Celtic supporter with Roddy Buchanan are posted on-line. Framed photographs with links adverting the various outcomes were installed in the Corby Irish Centre, The White Hart and the Hazel Tree pubs.