From a City of One Million —


Buchanan, who is opposed to any form of dogmatism, grounds his works in concrete situations, hic et nunc, and works with what is, rather than with what he would like there to be. While one can sense the influence of cultural studies to a certain degree (as much in its post-colonialism as in the questioning of gender), his work is profoundly human and committed; humour and emotion are at the forefront. The exhibition in Rennes offers the public the widest possible access to Buchanan’s work. In a sort of mini retrospective, La Criée will present a selection of videos by the artist. A precisely documented survey of a project for public space, ‘Proposal for Stade Rennais’, will also be shown. While Roderick Buchanan finds constant sources of inspiration in reality and popular culture, he never loses sight of the pictorial foundations of art, his secular heritage. Thus, at the Musée des Beaux-arts in Rennes, he will present ‘History Painting’ which, as the title indicates, refers directly to the great pictorial tradition.

Jean-Marc Huitorel, Curatorial statement

From a City of One Million, La Criee, Rennes with curatorial support from Jean Marc Huitorel.