ARTCUP itself has a long history, marked by a 100% win rate from the Scots. Becks Futures winner Roddy Buchanan, event organiser and Scotland team defender, first had the idea in the 1990’s after becoming disillusioned with the “lazy curatorial attitude” to exhibitions that took place around the official football tournament. “Often in the past, shows focused on the iconography of sport. Anything with a ball in it was considered. That’s just not good enough. A number of times I would turn up and see works that provided no insight into what was going on and only superficially engaging the subject of the interchange between art and sport. The way 'ARTCUP' works is that we come together over a five-day period to generate a coherent exhibition of work from those of us who will make up the football team that will play the game at the end of it – that’s the ambition of the project.” Team players must be both good at art and football – no mediocrity in either discipline is tolerated.

Sarah Jones, Scotland on Sunday, 18/06/06, P9

ARTCUP, Huntly. Collaboration with Nuno Sacramento. Produced by Claudia Zeiske for Deveron Arts.