History Painting —


Buchanan’s interest in sport, mainly football, is a feature of many of his video installations such as Endless Column (1999), for which he montaged found television footage of a multitude of national teams lined up in their pre-match ceremonial singing of their respective national anthems. This work pre-empted Buchanan’s astounding work on national identity, History Painting (2005), which contrasted two regimental line-ups of affiliated Scottish and Indian regiments (formally billeted together during the colonial era), in which ‘the camera travels along the line of Scottish soldiers to continue its motion seamlessly along the line of the Indian regiment: back and forth.

Craig Richardson, Scottish Art since 1960, Page 184

History Painting, (35mm Film: 8 minutes looped) Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata. Produced by Caroline Douglas for the British Council and Indian Trennial.