Me and my Neighbours —


It is Buchanan’s humour, which brings his portraits to life. Buchanan has written a terrifically funny, autobiographical essay called How I Feel which is arguably his most evocative portrait ever. ‘The longer you hang out with drunks, the shorter the odds are to hold onto all your teeth’, or ‘I’ve learned recently that real toffs don’t get their ears pierced’, he muses. When Buchanan manages to combine in his visual work this same, highly idiosyncratic blend of street humour, working-class references, self-reflection, keen observation and empathy for his subject, he hits just the right place between the dumbness of the work and meaningful self-revelation.

Gilda Williams, Art Monthly No 291, P29

City Racing, London with David Allen. Image text 'How I Feel' written account of eight scars plus self-portrait Me and my Neighbours.