Social Security —


The late 80’s were packed with emotion for me, I’d signed-on for a year while taking a year out of art school, on the one hand I was still processing ‘The Boys from the Black Stuff’ described by the BFI as: "TV's most complete dramatic response to the Thatcher era" and going to optimistic events run by Mayfest sponsored by the trades union. Around this time the government launched a distinctive two-dimensional logo for the department of ‘Social Security’ that was printed on all my letters from the dole office, I couldn’t help reading the logo as the three dimensional shape in the drawing. It looked like a manacle, so I made it from a section of steel pipe bought from a scrap-yard, painted it and padlocked it to the traffic-light outside my dole office. 

Social Security sculpture padlocked to a traffic-light on the pedestrian crossing opposite Maryhill Jobcentre, Glasgow.