Billboard —


He worked for a whole year on a series of billboard interventions during a year out from art school. He wanted to do this outside of the restrictions of the academic process. We lived together at the time and I would regularly hear him going out in the middle of the night, sometimes several times in one night to make the billboard works. These were generally based on the space at the bottom of the poster filled with government health warnings on tobacco advertisements. First he would paint out the warning, then would return a few hours later when it was dry to complete the détournement, often proposing a new relationship between this new text and the existing image, sometimes unaltered, sometimes radically changes. No graffiti scrawl this, no polarised politics. The attention to detail was immense.

Ross Sinclair, Players, catalogue essay, P12

I took a year out of the Environmental Art Department run by David Harding, Sam Ainsley and Brian Kelly at Glasgow School of Art cutting stencils and subverting advertising hoardings around the city.